Be Happy Now by Annie Jean Brewer

Be Happy Now

By Annie Jean Brewer

  • Release Date: 2010-12-26
  • Genre: Self Help
Score: 3.5
From 95 Ratings
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When you are depressed, nothing seems to help.
I know, I've been there.
The day will come when you've finally had enough, when you are sick and tired of laying in your bed waiting for yet another day to pass. What will you do?
Most self-help books are so filled with fancy theories and trite advice that they forget the biggest problem that you are facing: You need something that works right now, something that will jump start your life.
Be Happy Now
Be Happy Now is the one book designed to help with immediate results. There is no fluff, no "expert opinions" and no B******t involved - just the exact methods I have used personally to overcome depression in my own life. Inside you will find:
* That the only one responsible for your happiness is you.
* How to create your personal Happiness Snowball and start it rolling downhill.
* How to exercise your atrophied Happiness muscle.
* Visualization techniques designed to allow you to mentally take control of your problems and vanquish them.
* How to keep those happy feelings you have gained.
Why Can I Trust You?
Just like you, I've battled depression. I've lain in bed while my kids tiptoed through the house whispering "Mommy is sick." I've felt even worse listening to them because I couldn't bring myself to get up, get dressed and take care of my precious babies.
I've been scolded by others who just didn't get it, who didn't understand my depression, who thought I was just being lazy, who didn't realize that they were actually making things worse.
My brain was so mushed that I couldn't focus on traditional methods to battle depression. I needed something simple to focus on.
This book contains the answer.
I used the tricks in this book to climb out of that deep, dark hole. I got out of that bed and, using the quick and dirty methods presented here not only overcame my depression but changed my life. Instead of feeling like a victim I took charge of my life and gained the courage to follow my dream of becoming a writer. Now I am living a life that others dream of - and I couldn't have done it without the first steps outlined in this book.
What this book is NOT:
This book is not a Depression database listing every single feel-good method available. This book lists the most basic, elementary steps designed to gently reprogram your mind to focus on the positive instead of the negative quicksand you are buried in.
This book is not based on theory. This stuff works.
This book is NOT designed to be a long read. It is designed to be a quick rope you toss to yourself or to a friend. It is designed to give you just enough to get started.
This book is NOT designed to overwhelm you. Most self-help books are filled with so much stuff that you think "oh, I can't do all that!" and they get set aside as a result. This book is short, sweet and designed for you to say "that's simple enough - I'll give it a shot."
What Do You Have To Lose Except Depression?


  • I smiled when I read you received The Secret :-)

    By Dionne68
    I too have read this am now currently half way through the Power(love her books). Love your little book of happiness also. Thankyou x
  • Terribly written rubbish

    By TinkAbelle89
    When purchasing this book my expectations were that at least some of it would be based on rational thought or at that it might offer a new way of looking at life. But instead, it's poorly written material in conjunction with its average advice made for a very disappointing read...even if it is only 99p. It makes me wonder how publishing was ever under consideration. Seriously, anyone could make this crap up. I'd even go as far as seeing it made me unhappier by reading it as a result of if it's effortless attempts at positive thinking.
  • Not worth paying for!

    By Boobahhhhh
    'Book' really was not worth paying for! Whole thing was read within ten minutes!!!
  • Rubbish

    By Barbie2326
    What a waste, took 5 mins to read the whole thing and was basically a review of 'The Secret'.
  • good one!

    By raulmd666
    i liked the book.
  • Be happy now

    By Modgey
    This is one of the most crap books ever,
  • I liked it!

    By Songspirit
    I really liked this book. I liked the cheery simple exercises, because it helped me focus on, for example, things to be thankful for, rather than be grumpy and worrying. It makes you stop for a minute and really appreciate the moment, rather than worrying about stuff I can't really change. I will come back and let you know if it actually has a "snowball" effect, but for now, it has put a smile on my face!
  • Rubbish

    By Lucylll00
    Maybe the tips are ok if you're five years old but in real life cutting up a bit of paper is hardly a resolution, or even a way to help you deal with one. Read a better book.