Wasting Police Time by PC David Copperfield

Wasting Police Time

By PC David Copperfield

  • Release Date: 2011-09-14
  • Genre: True Crime
Score: 4
From 99 Ratings
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The No1 best-seller about law and order that the government lied about... Wasting Police Time is the hilarious and shocking truth about Britain's criminal justice system.

Ever wondered why you can't find a policeman when you want one?

PC David Copperfield has the answer: they're all inside the station, writing reports, photocopying, stapling and filing (when they're not getting caught up in the squabbles of Kaycee, Dwayne, her ex's ex, his sister's boyfriend's mum and that slag who sent them all a nasty message on Facebook).

Wasting Police Time is PC Copperfield's insider’s diary of life as a modern British bobby.

It's the first book to spill the beans about the way senior police officers waste our money while they fiddle the crime figures and scramble to meet bogus Home Office targets.

Copperfield is drily sarcastic and biting about his bosses, the criminals he deals with and the judges and politicians who have allowed our streets to collapse into chaos while they live in fortified houses and are driven around by armed police.

The book is so close to the mark that police minister Tony McNulty denounced it in the House of Commons as ‘more of a fiction than Dickens’ (and then had to admit he was wrong about this on the BBC’s Panorama).

'Graphic, entertaining and sobering' - The Observer
'A huge hit... will make you laugh out loud' - The Daily Mail
'Very revealing' - The Daily Telegraph
'One of the three political books of the moment' - Nick Cohen, The Observer
'Hilarious... should be compulsory reading for our political masters' - The Mail on Sunday
'Passionate, important, interesting and genuinely revealing... riveting' - The Sunday Times 
'A sensation' - The Sun 


  • Absolute rubbish

    By Pinklisa5
    Stopped reading 'Wasting Police Time' because the author is a narrow minded moron. He unfortunately didn't break the police stereotype. Calling people with mental health problems 'loony' and implying people threatening suicide are 'wasting police time'. I deeply hope this isn't a reflection of all officers sentiments. Perhaps he should have paid attention at all those equal opportunities workshops at the beginning of his training. I think he would have benefited more than most.
  • One of the best reads in a long time.

    By Caroline Rusga
    Read it and laugh......in a nervous, oh my god sort of way, knowing this is all probably true and what isn't is only because the actual truth is even worse.
  • See the real police

    By Manorblade
    Brilliant read and he reveals what it's really like to be a PC in England. Something's you will already know and this book tells the rest.
  • Brutal, I like it!

    By Timmh
    I enjoyed reading this brutal account of the Police's world, eye opening stuff and everything taken with good humour. Fascinating!
  • So very true, this is Great read, just like being on shift yesterday.

    By Andrew Painter
    What can I say, I have been a police officer for the past 7 years and this book is "All True". It's a great way or a MOP to ready see and experience what today's police officers deal with day to day. Great read, thanks, A.
  • Not bad, but...

    By Tomosan2888
    Humorous and somewhat witty--Copperfield has some interesting points to make. Poor prose and the diary-like writing style mean that the chapters quickly become repetitive.
  • Wasting police time

    By Clarky2012
    Think this is scary you should see what UKBA get up to
  • Brilliant and eye opening

    By Quavy dave
    A fantastic read and a brilliant insight into the true goings on in the British police force. Well done to the author for writing it. Not just a serious book as well. Had its funny moments. Can't wait for the next one (says there is a sequel coming at the end)
  • Funny, eye-opening and true - an absolute classic.

    By bookworm 2
    The author is a real police officer and this is his true and warts-and-all account of his working life. I loved this book because PC Copperfield tells it like it is and doesn't pull any punches. Divided into very short chapters (so perfect for the daily commute), Wasting Police Time is extremely funny. PC Copperfield's days are spent dealing with grown adults who can't sort out their own petty disputes (one screaming match he had to intervene in was about who should have the TV remote control); searching for the missing children of parents who cannot be bothered to drag themselves from the television to look for for them (in one case featured the child was at school); breaking up pub fights and filling in mountains of paperwork to account for his every move. If you want to know why the cops took three days to turn up to your burglary, how millions of pounds of tax-payers money is being wasted or just want a good laugh, read this book.
  • Waste of my time more like!!

    By Jenster04
    First book I have abandoned half way through for a long time