Emotional Intelligence by Tom Norman

Emotional Intelligence

By Tom Norman

  • Release Date: 2015-02-03
  • Genre: Management & Leadership
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 "Emotional Intelligence: How To Quickly Develop Your Emotional Intelligence, Complete Guide To Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Today". Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet.

The ability to control and express our own emotions is important, and so is our ability to respond, interpret and understand the emotions of people around us. Experts define this ability as Emotional Intelligence. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your emotional intelligence – including the five key skills to make it work effectively. Also provided in this book are the five characteristics of emotional intelligence that are essential in attaining true leadership, improving it while at work and, for parents, a quick guide to nurturing emotional intelligence for your children.

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An Overview on Emotional Intelligence
The 5 Skills of Emotional Intelligence
Nine Ways on How to Improve Emotional Intelligence
The Role of Emotional Intelligence While At Work
Emotional Intelligence’s Role in Effective Leadership
Nurturing Emotional Intelligence among Children
Much, much more!

Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ) is the person’s ability to manage, use, identify and understand emotions in optimistic ways to overcome struggles, have compassion with others, resolve conflict, relieve stress and communicate effectively. EQ creates an impact in various aspects of our lives, such as the way we behave and interact with other people.
If you have a high EQ, you can recognize your own emotional state as well as others. Your EQ serves as your level of understanding the emotional aspect of relating with people in order to establish genuine relationships, achieve greater success at work and live a more fulfilling life.

Why EQ Is Very Important?
As we all know, it’s not only the smartest people that are the most fulfilled and successful in life. Perhaps you know someone who is 100% academically-inclined but he or she doesn’t know how to value personal relationships. Having intellectual intelligence (or IQ) is not enough to become successful in life. An above average IQ can get you to college – true! But in the end it’s your EQ that will help you handle the emotions, anxiety and stress of college life especially during examinations.
Emotional intelligence affects:
• Your relationship with others – By controlling and understanding your emotions, you’ll be able to express how you understand and feel the emotions coming from your family, friends and work colleagues. Also, this allows you to communicate with them more effectively and develop a meaningful work and personal life.
• Your mentality – Unmanaged stress creates impact in your mentality, making you susceptible to depression and anxiety. If you cannot manage or understand your emotions, there is a good chance that you will suffer from mood swings which can ruin work or personal relationships and leave you feeling isolated.
• Your physical being – If you are unable to overcome stress, this can lead to severe health problems. Unmanaged stress speeds up the aging process, contributes to infertility, raises blood pressure, suppresses the body’s immune system and increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. In line with this, the crucial step to improving your EQ is by learning how to manage stress levels in your body.